Frequntly Asked Questions

What is non-surgical hair restoration?
This term can have many meanings from scalp therapy treatments with topical solutions, laser hair restoration or the use of wigs or hairpieces also known as hair replacement systems. ProSystems specializes primarily in the use of custom-made hair systems for men and women.

How does this work?
The hair systems are designed to replace the area of hair loss and blending with the existing hair to give a natural and non-detectable look. This is done by making the cap fit exactly to the head and using either human, synthetic, or a blend of both as needed. Each piece is designed specifically for each client.

How does it stay on?
The piece can be attached to the existing hair in various ways, i.e., clips, weaving, or bonding, or by adhering the piece to the exact hair loss area with appropriate adhesives and/or tape.

How long does it stay on?
The hair can stay on for up to 6 weeks, (it’s not recommended to go longer than this), or it can be removed each day depending on the needs and desires of the wearer.

Are activities limited after one restores their hair?
Not really. One can swim, wear hats, play sports and do virtually anything as if there were no hair loss at all. Of course, the more exposure the hair has, the faster it will wear out.

How long do they last?
That depends on the wearer. Those who wear their hair 24 hours/day, 7 days/week will require more maintenance and will need to get new hair more frequently than one who does not sleep in their hair and removes it on a daily basis. In addition, different materials used to construct the hairpiece will determine its longevity as well.

How much does it cost?
The cost of a hair system can vary depending on the size, type of materials, and the frequency of purchase and can range from $350 to $3500.